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2009 (second half)

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LA Auto Show
Back to Paul's Garage Motor4Toys, December 6
  Best of France & Italy, November 1
  BMWs at Woodley, October 25
  Calabasas, September 27
  Cruz'n for Roses, September 20
  Calabasas, August 30
  Calabasas, July 26
  George Barris at Autobooks, July 11
  Pics from Miscellaneous Events

LA Auto Show


Motor4Toys, December 6

There's always an impressive display of cars at the annual Motor4Toys toy drive meet (more info:


The Best of France and Italy, Woodley Park, November 1

A great turnout at the annual Best of France and Italy. Lots of Alfas, Fiats, Citroens,
and many others, some very rare and beautiful.

A very rare 16-cylinder Cizeta. The builder, Claudio Zampolli had brought it and is still making them to order. More info.

Of course, Mr. Leno showed up with one of his little French cars.

The annual Vintage BMW meet at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, October 25

Calabasas, September 27



Cruz'n for Roses, September 20

The Cruz'n for Roses car meet in South Pasadena is a fund-raiser for the city's Rose Parade float.
Not only was there a wide variety of cars, but they were all truly magnificent. Here are just a few...

The little motor on the right actually ran! Some guy built it from scratch. Incredible.

There were a number of TV and film cars - some were actually used on camera. Some were replicas.

Speaking of movies, this corner (Fair Oaks and Mission) was used in the film "Teen Wolf" with Michael J. Fox.
The wolf was on top of a van when it made this turn in front of dad's hardware store (on the left).
In the film, you can clearly see the "Fair Oaks" sign.

The five cars above belong to Ron Lee, a regular at our Montrose meet. I'd seen all these cars before,
but never together! Pretty impressive. (He's got others as well.)

Calabasas, August 30

Electric cars seemed to be everywhere...I think there were four or five Teslas as well as a Mini.


Calabasas, July 26


A 1978 Corvette Pace Car Edition with only a few hundred miles (seats still in plastic!) and a General Lee Charger (allegedly) used in the TV series.

George Barris visits Autobooks, July 11

I'm sure most older car enthusiasts remember George Barris, a very famous car customizer, who did work on many movie stars' cars.
Barris is probably most famous for creating the original Batmobile out of a mid-50s Lincoln concept car.
Mr. Barris brought his Batmobile replica to a book signing at Autobooks.


The customized Prius also belongs to Barris. (Don't ask me...I'm just the photographer.)
Jay Leno showed up driving a late '40s gasoline tanker truck.

Various vehicles from miscellaneous meets - second half, 2009 (in no particular order)


A wild custom at Autobooks.

A gorgeous Cobra Coupe - not a kit, but a "continuation" aluminum-bodied car, built exactly the same as the originals.

Mid-60s Vettes don't get much prettier than this.

What could easily be a museum piece, and a Pebble Beach winner, a 1912 Pope Hartford.

Another Pebble Beach winner,
a 1926 Lincoln

This customized Corvette was once supposedly
owned by David Carradine.

Wow! An absolutely incredible 300SL.

Yes, both are "real".

Sadly, as of October 25, the meet in Calabasas has been cancelled.
I arrived early to find a practically empty parking lot!

A little BMW with a big motor!

A lovely 1958 MGA Twin-Cam which had been a
factory racing car (formally known as an "ex-works" car).

My friend, Bill, has a couple of old Lotuses - they obviously need a bit of work,
but they're classics!

My friend Matt Stone, on another grueling work assignment in Italy. 

A very rare Chevrolet El Morocco.


A gorgeous Nova - with a 427!

Real car guys don't let a little forest fire ruin their day.

That's one big puppy!

Some kind of synergy here.

Leno and his 1918 Pope.

Don't ask me.

A couple of beautiful (and real) '65 Cobras.

This Sprite has a rotary engine from a Mazda sedan.

This one reminds me of my old Pontiac.

I'll bet it's been a while
since you've seen a Lloyd
(especially like this one!)


My friend Steve's Opel GT has been featured in magazines.



The main street of Montrose hosted a very nice car show on July 5th.