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My Fiat

What a beauty, eh?

In late 1967 or early 1968, I acquired an old Fiat which was quite literally a basket case. I don't know how I talked Mom into it, but she helped me purchase this little Italian beauty for $25 (negotiated down from $35) and we had it towed into the back yard. Most of the engine was in the trunk and in boxes - in pieces.

My fantasy was to get it running and drive it after I got my license. As incredible as it seems, I did get it running - although it never ran very well. I had neither the talent nor the money to get it into road-worthy condition. Besides being in poor mechanical shape, it was pretty rusty.

The funny thing is that at the time I got the car, it was only six or seven years old. (The MR2 I currently own is almost 20!)

Trying my hand at body modifications, with the help of a friend, I pop-riveted a Studebaker grill onto the front end. (I sure wish I had a picture of that!)


Other Fiat Sightings

Eleanor and her Fiat

In 2001, I was given a book entitled The Convertible. It contained a picture of Eleanor Roosevelt in an identical Fiat, a model referred to as the Gran Luce. (I'm guessing that Mrs. Roosevelt didn't keep hers in the back yard.)

In June, 2012, I nearly fell on the floor of Autobooks when I saw a picture of a car exactly like mine
on the cover. Well, not exactly like mine - not only was the one in the magazine in
perfect condition, but it was for sale, with an asking price of $40,000!


The article (below) and refers to the model as the Fiat 1200 Trasformabile, and,
except for its condition, is identical to the one I had.

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