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Day of purchase
October 8, 1996 


Late in 1996, I started a search for the right pre-owned Miata. But I stumbled upon a beautiful, low mileage MR2. I always liked these cars - I thought (like many others) that they looked a bit like a little Ferrari. And I knew that this was as close to owning an exotic as I would probably ever come.

I've kept it immaculate and very stock. As of December 2010, over 14 years after it was built, it's only got a little over 50,000 miles.


In November 2010, the
Early Rodder's Poker Run
ends where I picked it up!

When I first owned the MR2, I occasionally would go on drives with the Southern California MR2 Club. They were, let's say, an "enthusiastic" bunch. And after one drive in which two cars were totaled (one member's MR2 and, in a separate incident, an oncoming vehicle) I decided their group was not for me.

In January 2007, pictures of my MR2 appeared
in Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car magazine.
(Click the picture for details.)

Some people don't think that the spoilers on the backs of some cars are useful. But here is proof. Without the spoiler, Hunter would probably roll off.

In 2003, I used a picture of my MR2 in a "house ad" for Auto Trader Magazine (where I worked).