Singer and songwriter Paul Davis passed away on April 22, 2008, one day after his 60th birthday. sent me the following email:

Today I was contacted by Paul Davis family. Paul Davis has passed away.

He will be greatly missed by all! May he rest in peace. God Bless him and his family. Please show the love to his family that they deserve.

Here is the email below:

I'm sorry to deliver such bad news today. His Birthday was yesterday April 21st and he turned 60 years old. He had a severe heart attack yesterday at his home and was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital where he passed away at 7am this morning, April 22, in Meridian, Mississippi. There will be no funeral or memorial service but just a small family gathering where they will lay him to rest tomorrow April 23rd, at noon in Meridian, Mississippi, as it sounds now. He is survived by his loving son Jonathan who suffers from autism. He is approximately 26 years old. Paul had shared custody with his ex-wife Pam, who also lived near by in Meridian. Paul was a loving father more then anything and always there for his son.

Flowers can be sent to Marshall Florist (601)483-4538 but Paul was a big supporter of T J Martell Foundation in Nashville, TN. where donations are always welcomed to be sent. http://www.

My aunt, Ilene Berns signed Paul to her label Bang Records, in Atlanta, Georgia in 1970 after discovering him in Meridian. Paul lived for years in Alpharetta, GA. It was there where he lived at the height of his career. It was at that time when his song "I Go Crazy" went to number one on Billboard's adult contemporary chart and crossed over to the top of the pop charts placing as high as number 7 I believe. At that time he broke the previous record held by Johnny Mathis of a song lasting 39 weeks in Billboards Top 100 when "I Go Crazy" made the new record lasting 40 weeks. Paul had numerous top hit songs as many of you already know. His son was born there in Atlanta. Paul made numerous concert appearances, but was a very shy person and preferred the studio and writing.

He loved to fish and is one of the warmest people I have ever met. Back when I had my 15th birthday party in 1979 I had all my high school friends over my aunt's farm in Alpharetta, GA where she was on a huge lake where Paul would often go out fishing on. He just happened to come into her ranch house after fishing all day at the time I was getting surprised by a Birthday cake and he joined in singing Happy Birthday to me with all my wide eyed friends when they recognized who was standing right beside them. My aunt sold Bang Records and moved to Nashville, and Paul soon followed where he lived in a beautiful home on a farm surrounded by horses and geese, where I last visited him with my cousin while visiting my family in town. He did writing for Dan Seals, Tanya Tucker, Marie Osmond, and (Monty Holmes who my aunt signed when she started Bang Records II), and so many more!

A few years back he moved back to Meridian, to retire and has been living there ever since. He just started back recently working on some awesome writing and we were looking forward to having the pleasure of hearing it as soon as it was completed. My aunt had an opportunity to hear some and was very excited saying it was some of his best work ever.

My cousins and I called him "Uncle Paul" but to my aunt, he was her very best friend in the entire world. They spoke almost every day all these years and always stood by each other through thick and thin. We are all in a state of shock right now as it happened so unexpectedly. Our family has suffered a giant loss at this time and is in deep mourning.