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Mustang GT


History indeed repeats itself - at least in my garage.

In 1989, after renting a Mustang convertible in New Mexico, I bought one. (See the full story here.)

I kept that car for 18 years, eventually modifying it for a bit more "punch".

But I drove it less and less (in the last year I owned it, I think it only went about 500 miles) and I started thinking about a replacement. The thought of a new Mustang crossed my mind.

Well, in October, 2006, on a trip to Boston, I rented a Shelby GT-H (see below). I really liked it. Yet as fancy as it looked, it was essentially a slightly modified Mustang GT. I thought "hmmmmm."

In January 2007, Matt Stone, Editor of Motor Trend, showed up to our weekly car meet in a new Shelby GT. That did it - I took it as a sign. The next week, I did something I've dreamed about since I was a teenager...I ordered a muscle car with the exact options I wanted. Five weeks later, my Mustang was delivered. It's a beauty and so much fun.

I'll probably wind up modifying it somewhat, but what's incredible is that right out of the box it is a very quick car - and yet gets over 20 mpg on regular gas!

By the way, if you're a movie buff, you might recognize that I picked the car up in the exact same spot where Clark Griswold was standing when he first gazed upon the Wagon Queen Family Truckster in the movie "Vacation" (starring Chevy Chase). The scene was filmed at what is now Star Ford. (I hope I have better luck with mine.)

Walking up to it for the first time.

National Lampoon's "Vacation" (1983).

The inspiration for me to think about
getting a new Mustang.

Matt Stone, Editor of Motor Trend magazine,
shows up to our weekly car meet
in a new Shelby GT...
I order my Mustang the next week.

Five weeks later, I get it.
(Matt likes it.)

After his first real cleaning.

New mufflers!

This is the GO part. Yum.

Not a bad choice to have, eh?