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January 2004

 My Miata Story
(It took me almost 15 years to get one!)

I'd wanted a Miata even before they were available.

In fact, I had actually saved enough money to purchase one by the time they were introduced in July of 1989. But the dealers were being total jerks adding on huge markups pushing an affordable $14,000 to, in some cases, almost $20,000!

And many new Miata owners really took advantage of the situation. Click the newspaper clipping to the right and look at some classified ads from the LA Times back in August 1989. One person was asking $40,000! (I sure hope he didn't get it!)

Around the same time, I had the occasion to rent a 5.0 Mustang, which I enjoyed greatly. The Mazda dealers pissed me off so much, that I wound up purchasing a great 1987 Mustang convertible (which I owned for 18 years: see Mussy).

In 1996, I once again started a search for a used Miata, but ran across a gorgeous, low-mileage '93 MR2. I've still got it. (MR2 page)

In January 2004, somehow my wonderful wife agreed to let me have another toy and, once again, I started a search for a used Miata. After driving several, I stumbled into a dealer and asked if they had any killer deals on a leftover 2003. The guy pointed to a new Shinsen and said: "I can give you $7000 off the list price." Within a few hours, it was in my driveway. This was, without a doubt, the best car deal I ever got! The really funny thing is that I wound up paying less for my 2003 than I would have for a 1990 back when they were introduced in 1989! Weird how things come around, eh?

The on-line Miata community is, to say the least, robust! I've learned quite a bit about the car and have "chatted" with Miata owners all over the world. has been a great resource as were the folks from of the Southern California Miata Club, SOCALM. (There is even a group/on-line club at Yahoo devoted to the Shinsen model of the Miata.)

It sure is a great-looking little car, isn't it? And on the right road, in the right weather, I don't think there's anything more fun to drive.

Any similarity of cars and occupants is purely coincidental!

July 1989
Discovering "Dealer Markup"
on Introduction Day!

July 2010 - at Miatafest

August 1989

Just pulled in the
driveway for the
first time
January 10, 2004

The Morphed Miatas Are Moving


In December, 2011, I started using Flickr to host my car pictures and will no longer
be updating this page. Please click the link below and visit the Morphed Miatas there
as this page will eventually be removed.

Paul's Morphed Miata Flickr Page


Variety is indeed the spice of life!

People do all kinds of things to their Miatas. I happen to like the clean, stock look. Some folks like to add a bit of individuality (like spoilers, roll bars, etc.). Still others convert their Miatas to race cars, modifying suspension, adding turbos and superchargers, etc.

But there is one group of Miata owners that really stand out - I call these cars Morphed Miatas. Some of these are pretty neat. Some are a little weird. Of course, "neat" and "weird" are in the eye of the beholder, so I'll let you decide which is which. They are presented here in no particular order. Note that to the best of my knowledge, these are all real - no Photoshop stuff!

If you've got any leads on Miatas which fit this category, or if you have a significantly modified Miata, send me a photo or web link and I'll add it. (And thanks to all who have contributed.) Feel free to e-mail me at Enjoy.



Cobra Miata

A Mustang Miata...

and another..

one more

Miata Metropolitan?


A Morgan thing

A "lead sled" Miata

Italia (I like this one)

Gordon's beautiful Italia

 Another Italia

Manta Ray

Peter's great looking Italias

Looks like a TVR Tuscan thing
(Thanks Eric!)


 A Ferrari Daytona thing

And another

An "El Camino" thing

Viper Miata (photos courtesy of John)




In memory of Steveo (Ayad Dallo)

The above stretched Miata was built by a gentleman by the name of Ayad Dallo.
 His nephew Admon sent me an email in March 2011 and said that his uncle
had passed away. Admon now owns the car and is planning to rebuild it.

Thanks Admon - keep us posted!

(Photo by Mark Booth)


Yes, there's a Miata under there!

A 4WD...

and another (thanks again Bill)

Yet another big tire thing!


David Woolery's racer - before and after!

Road Warrier type of thing

Peter Brusa's Blue Potato

A Bug Eye thing.

The increasingly popular
"Porthole" look

More portholes

Portholes front AND rear

This one is blue

New Orleans?


This looks like Barbie's Miata

And another pink Miata

Yet another




Got Miata?
(Or is it a Mooata?)


Flares, humps and bumps


A Miata that looks like an old Datsun. Hmmm.

That scissors door thing

Here is an incredible transformation by Chris...

More info at:

A Woody

Must be Goldfinger's Miata.
("He loves only gold")
Lots of work!
More info at:


Bill is a fellow So. Califormia Miata Club member and a very talented guy!
Check out his Miata sand sculpture, as well as the rest of his site at:

Copied from Bill Wilner's


Wow - now THAT was a lot of work, eh?


This guy should get together with the guy who did the work above!

A Ferrari F40 thing...

A few sharp-looking coupes






The Mazda-produced "Miari"
(Thanks for the info, Keith)

A less involved way of
Ferrari cloning

Miata drag racer...

and another...

and another!

Another with a scoop

A BMW thing

A gold thing (thanks Bill)

Dean's incredible paint job!

The Ginetta





An Aston Miata!


JohnB's Extreme RE1 body kit



This one's got a big hood!

Wow - a Cosmo thing!

This one's got a nose...

and this one's got a wing.

Another one of these.


Thanks to Bill for sending
this tasty example.

Bill also sent something to
wash it down with!


Thanks to jlccrusher for sending
this classic Corvette theme

...and here's another more


A Chevy hood/stripe theme
Thanks to Raymond for this one.
(He is wondering if anyone knows what kit this is.)

Another green Miata

This one's got a nose.
Juan's spiffy NA


Another BMW "Z" thing...

and another...



A Miata cop car!


This one isn't done yet.

A Miata E-Type?
If you hurry, this one might still be available on Ebay.

Thanks to Jens in Germany
for finding another Aston-Miata.

Someone's toy, I guess
The Toyota 2000GT sure was a gorgeous car.
Here's the Miata version.

This is a purple Miata

I'm not sure what this one is suppose to be - more square I guess.
(Thanks again, Bill!)

A yellow NC

Those are golf balls stuck all over...

...those are pennies...

...and these are Post-Its

Brandon's NA

Miata too small for you?

Wow - a disco ball Miata!

A wild self-built custom from
Bill in Ontario, Canada


Dan's modded Miata

This is, um, a green Miata.

I don't know the answer either




This one is purple

And this one is green


Lots of work in this one...the owner wanted a
right-hand-drive Miata - so he modified his!



An NC-based Aston-Martin thing
from Alex


Kinda the "rat rod" thing...

and another.


Flat black is "in"!



From up in Portland, OR, here's Thomas' Miata


(Thanks, Bruce)


A yellow MR2 kind of thing



 Steve sent me this pic from a
 Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival
 in Columbus, Ohio


Beam me up!


The one on the left looks like two of mine
(on the right) had a love child.

Wow. An NC body on an NA.




Wow...a Jag V-12!



Wolfgang's Aston-Miata

Check out the TG, a Miata-powered MG-TF replica
built in New Zealand.


More Miata stuff...

Neat Ed "Big Daddy" Roth type of drawings by
very talented Nathan Ashmore. Check out his work at:



- ---
Without a doubt, this is the most incredible feat of model-making I've ever seen.

A bit off topic, but this unbelievably talented guy started with a plastic bodied remote control car, and built it into a highly
detailed Miata model including built from scratch engine, interior, opening doors, trunk, hood, etc.
If he hadn't documented every step, I wouldn't have believed it. You've got to check it out:

Lots of pictures, so it takes a while to load, but it's well worth the look. I hope the link stays up.


These poor Miatas meet untimely fates...

This poor little guy got washed - the hard way!

The London Riots (8/11)

Take a peek at El Fez's Feztastic Stripe Gallery for many other Miata variations.

If you know of other very "colorful" Miatas, or any others with "significant" body modifications (no Photoshops please),
please drop me a note at

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