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1987 Mustang 5.0 LX

Mussy is sold...sniff

In 1989, after renting a Mustang convertible in New Mexico, I bought one.
(See the full story here.)

I kept it for 18 years, eventually modifying it for a bit more "punch". (See below.)

But I drove it less and less. In the last year I owned it, I think it only went about 500 miles - for a total of 75,000 miles. So in January, 2007, I sold it and ordered a new Mustang.

The '87 was sure a fun car. If I had more storage space, I probably would have kept it. (It still turned heads.)

Brian and me at B&D.



In March, 2001, I had a bit of work done to my Mustang.

Then, in May, 2003, after not being able to find a good set of high performance tires in the Mustang's stock tire size, I bought a set of 17" wheels and Goodyear F1 tires...neat!

The Internet played a large part in making all this possible. Using various Mustang message boards, I learned about the different upgrades available. Then, also through a message board, a Mustang owner named Josh gave me a recommendation to a great Mustang specialist in the San Fernando Valley:

Brian Schapiro
B&D Racing
7240 Eton Ave.
Canoga Park
(818) 992-FAST

If you're interested in the technical tidbits, here's the list of the mods I did:

Ford Motorsport headers and
MAC cat-back exhaust
Sounds REAL good!

3.73 gears
Provides low-end pull. I tried 4.10s first, but they were crazy.

Bilstein shocks and struts

H&R sport springs
These lower the car about an inch and help to tighten up the handling.

Maximum Motorsports caster camber kit
Allows greater flexibility in wheel alignment.

Full-length sub-frame connectors
These are long bars welded underneath to stiffen the body.

Strut tower brace
A triangle which connects the two strut towers with the firewall (see picture).
Also to improve stiffness -- something all convertibles lack.

Performance tune-up
Includes Ford Motorsport wires, high-output coil, timing.

Ford Racing 65mm Throttle Body
Increases air flow.

K&N air filter
Also increases air flow.

Removed air silencer
This used to quiet the air coming into the air cleaner.
The exhaust is so loud now that this is unnecessary.

Underdrive pulleys
Smaller and lighter accessory pullies.

Pro 5 shifter
For more precise shift throws.

17"x9" Cobra R Wheels &
Goodyear F1 GS-D3 245/45/17 Tires
Much improved handling -- and they look great!


So what I got out of all this was not only more power off the line, but incredible power in the higher revs, something this car had lacked.

Ride and handling were also dramatically improved.

And the new wheels and tires made Mussy look more modern, eh?