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Pauls: Feel free to send your picture too!

The Unofficial International Paul Davis Registry

March 2009

A "warm" hello to Paul B. Davis in Alaska. He owns a high adventure guiding business. You can see some great pictures and get more info at:


October 2008

Hello - I too am Paul Davis, Paul Elliott Davis to be exact, born Syracuse, NY 1948, however Davis is my adopted name.  My real father's name was (or is) John Fragello.  I am looking for him (or some of his relatives).  I only found out today that I was adopted and I am trying to find some information.  If you come across any inquiries please pass this on.

Thank You
Paul Davis

(Good luck, Paul)


Paul Davis, the singer/songwriter, sadly passed away on April 23, 2008.
Someone sent me this information.

Paul J. Davis writes: "I'm originally from San Diego, Ca., now reside in Pueblo, Co. Retired from shipbuilding, ship repair. Was a design draftsman."

April 2008


Paul Davis, Ph.D., is creator of the Firefighter Combat Challenge®
as seen on ESPN, VS, A&E among other public safety and
military action sports shows.

February 2008


 Hi to Paul Davis, a musician from Middletown, VA.
Check out his web site:

His e-mail is:

June 2006


Greetings to Paul A. Davis living in Long Beach, CA.
As of this writing, Paul is 33 and works for Jet Blue Airlines.

His e-mail is:

June 2006


Welcome to Paul William Davis who was born in Minnesota
and now lives in San Diego, CA.

He can be reached at:

July 2005


 Hello to Paul Davis who was born in the Netherlands and grew up in
West Virginia, Washington DC and Puerto Rico (wow!).

He is a computer programmer for Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

Check out his pages at:

His e-mail addresses are: and

May 2005

The "international" part of our registry continues to grow...

Welcome to Paul John Davis from Stroud, Gloucestershire in the U.K.
Paul is in the RAF and has a great web site. Check it out:

His e-mail is:

October 2004


 Hello to Paul Walter Davis who is from Athens, Pennsylvania.
He just moved from Binghamton, N.Y. to Corning, N.Y.
(although he hopes to move back to Binghamton soon).

October 2004


Paul Kevin Davis lives in Boerne, Texas (which is just outside San Antonio).
He teaches U.S. and military history and has written five books on the subject!
He is NOT the same Paul K. Davis from California who writes
about modern military issues.

September 2004


 Paul Clark Davis lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. He owns Paul Davis Trucking
and is also the lead singer of "Fire in the Park"

August 2004


 Paul Andrew Davis is an illustrator living down under in Melbourne, Australia.

May 2004


 Here's a Paul Davis who is originally from Texas, but now lives in Canada.
He has no hobbies and wants to change is name to Paul DavisChrist.
If you are curious as to why, you might want to e-mail him at

March 2004


 England seems to be a popular place for Paul Davises.
This Paul Davis is a writer and lives in London.
Check out his web site at:

September 2003


 Here's Paul Davis, originally from Denver, now living in Portland, Oregon. He is a system engineer for nCube.

May 2003


 Paul Spencer Davis is managing director of a recruitment company in London. -

(Paul - there's a fellow countryman listed below)

  Paul A. Davis is a construction project manager based out of Louiseville, Kentucky. He also races sprint cars. You can reach him at
(which I guess refers to both his work AND hobby!)

  Incredibly, here's another Paul MICHAEL Davis who resides in Ukiah, CA. He contacted me in December of 2002. He's a network administrator for a petroleum distributor,and can be reached at

Also in December 2002, I received a link to Paul Davis in Alasaka:

I'm not quite sure what he does.

 Here's a guy it might be worth making friends with:
Paul Davis, the Food and Beverage Director of the
Hilton Hotel in Madison, Wisconsin.
He can be reached at:

 Another Paul Davis can be located at
His site has a wealth of information about Caterham Seven cars (one of my favorites).

 Paul W. Davis contacted me in August 2001. He has lived in Maine, Boston and now resides in Seattle. You can reach him at and visit his website at:

 In November, 2001, I received a cryptic e-mail with a link to
Paul Davis Restorations:
It looks like a franchise construction service.

 If you are looking for the Paul Davis who is a network engineer and who lives in Texas, go to -- he's got the url without the hyphen. (Paul -- I want your URL!)

If you know of any other Paul Davises, let me know ( )and I will add them.