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Hello and welcome. I'm Paul Davis. I've spent over 25 years in various management positions, always focusing on helping others do their jobs better.

My last full-time position was with TraderMedia (formerly known as Auto Trader Magazines). I spent a number of years there as a Regional Production Manager, in charge of four large production facilities serving sales offices throughout the western states. My last role with the company was as a corporate trainer, helping to implement and support new software as well as instructing our sales and administrative personnel (nationwide) in its use.

My years at TraderMedia were productive, educational and fun. Unfortunately, between the increasingly popular use of the Internet for classified advertising, and the poor economic climate in late 2008, all regional offices of the company were closed, and a much smaller operation is now run out of the home office located on the east coast.

I decided to return to school, enrolling in several business-related courses as well as taking Spanish classes. During this period (2009) a number of small consulting-type of opportunities also came my way.

Through contacts I made at Glendale Community College, I was offered a wonderful opportunity, and since January 2010, have been teaching computer courses to adults at the Office Skills and Business Technology division. This has been a gift for me as I truly enjoy helping others learn new skills - and hone the ones they already have. (And to be the best teacher I can be, I spend quite a bit of time honing my own!) I've been teaching Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Keyboarding, and a few others.

I've had extensive experience in various management roles as well as customer service and training positions. I've spent some time in sales and have owned and operated my own graphics business. Putting all these skills to use helping others is my goal - and my passion.

Here are some areas of my expertise:

Throughout my career, I've been successful at building teams, solving problems and providing various types of support to customers, co-workers, management, sales departments, and other workgroups. I'll be happy to share the details of my background.

How can I help you?

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